Thomas Aquinas College Library, Santa Paula, CA

Client: Rasmussen & Associates

  • 20,000 square foot library in the hills above Santa Paula
  • The ceiling utilizes wooden beams from a 500-year old monastery in Spain
  • HVAC systems allowed for tight temperature and humidity controls to protect a rare manuscript area
  • Multiple zone dampers provide increased zone control

Thomas Aquinas College Dormitory, Santa Paula, CA

Client: Rasmussen & Associates

  • A 21,000 square foot women’s dormitory serving a private college campus
  • 14 split heat pump & fan coil systems
  • Equipment locations carefully coordinated to allow easy serviceability
  • Special attention given to noise transmission between dorm rooms
  • Plumbing design for restrooms and showers, janitor’s sinks, fan coil condensate, and laundry areas

Ocean View School District Administration Offices, Oxnard, CA

Client: Rasmussen & Associates

  • A 10,000 square foot, single story office building
  • HVAC system consisting of roof-mounted packaged gas/electric units
  • Utilized Carrier VVT zoning to provide enhanced zone control
  • Plumbing design for core restrooms and roof drainage

Nordhoff High School Locker Rooms, Ojai, CA

Client: JSA Architecture & Planning

  • Renovation of an 8,000 square foot men’s and women’s locker room
  • Roof mounted 100% outside air gas-fired make-up air units utilizing modulating gas valves and interlocked with the exhaust systems in the building
  • New domestic hot water system with individual tempering and monitoring stations in each locker room
  • Domestic plumbing design to serve restroom and shower areas