St. John’s Regional Medical Center, Oxnard, CA

Client: Pedersen Architects

  • Renovation of a 2,600 square foot patient wing
  • Design of medical gas piping systems (medical air, O2, & vacuum) serving outlets in patient rooms
  • Phased shut-down of existing medical gas systems to minimize patient disruptions

Client: JSA Architecture & Planning

  • Design of medical gas, HVAC and plumbing systems to serve a new 900 square foot neo-natal ICU
  • ICU designed to fit within an existing portion of the hospital requiring careful documentation of the existing HVAC and medical gas system capabilities
  • Rebalance of central HVAC system serving involved portion of hospital to achieve required air balance at the ICU

Burnwall Physical Therapy, Oxnard, CA

Client: Johnson + Muller Architects

  • 8,600 square foot physical and aquatic therapy center with adjacent 1,900 square foot leasable tenant space
  • Indoor pool conditioned using a refrigerated dehumidification system with gas heating
  • Single zone unitary HVAC systems serving office and treatment areas
  • Plumbing design for core restrooms, locker rooms, indoor pool area drains, and roof drains

Los Robles Regional Medical Center, Thousand Oaks, CA

Client: Johnson + Muller Architects

  • 5,000 square foot renovation of a physical therapy center
  • Adjusted outside air intake on existing air handler to provide correct ventilation to space
  • New duct distribution layout with specification of reheat to match current air conditioning system
  • Specified room airflows to comply with calculated cooling and heating loads

Body Plan Institute, Santa Barbara, CA

Client: Body Plan Institute

  • A 2,600 square foot, single story tenant improvement
  • HVAC system design to serve patient areas, equipment areas, and MRI/ECAM suites
  • Process chilled water piping layout and design of helium quench vent to serve the MRI