County Commerce Bank, Oxnard, CA

Client: Rasmussen & Associates

  • 4,200 square foot finished bank on first floor with adjacent future tenant space
  • 6,300 square foot second floor future office space
  • Elevator equipment room ventilation
  • Packaged heat pumps with split system cooling for ATM room

First California Bank, Simi Valley, CA

Client: Videriksen & Company

  • 5,000 square foot bank in Simi Valley’s Town Center
  • Multiple packaged heat pump systems
  • Linear slot diffusers and return registers incorporated into dropped soffits
  • Split system cooling for ATM room
  • Plumbing design of fixtures, roof drains and condensate

CBC Federal Credit Union, Oxnard, CA

Client: Johnson + Muller Architects

  • Two-story steel frame building
  • 14,000 square foot first floor bank
  • 18,000 square foot supporting offices at second floor
  • shell and tenant improvement phases
  • Custom roof-mounted packaged VAV air handler